Vizioncore Leads the Way with Full Support for VMware’s ESXi

I have just recieved an email notification from Vizioncore about a new product:

Vizioncore Inc., today announced that vRanger Pro 3.2.8, the latest version of its recognized industry-standard backup and restore solution, will be the first and only product on the market today to provide full support for VMware ESXi 3.5.

VMware ESXi 3.5 provides a thin hypervisor compared to the full ESX version, and has been designed to provide a smaller footprint to both simplify adoption of virtualization as well as increase security of the platform. Both free and licensed versions of VMware ESXi exist, and vRanger Pro 3.2.8 will provide backup and restore currently for only licensed versions typically found in large organizations.

“While other solutions do exist on the market, they are only able to provide backup and cannot properly restore. These products do not incorporate a method to support ESXi without the console capability that existed in ESX,” explains Chris Akerberg, President and Chief Operating Officer of Vizioncore Inc. “vRanger Pro is the only product available today that both backs up and restores virtual machine images running on VMware ESXi hosted servers without the need for scripting.”

VMware has been shipping a free version of ESXi, however the free version has limited functionality. While the free version makes it easy for customers to adopt virtualization, they will need to move to licensed versions of ESXi to allow them to take advantage of additional functionality provided by VMware such as VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB), Update Manager, HA and VMotion. Vizioncore’s vRanger Pro 3.2.8 can leverage the VCB framework to perform full backup as well as offering significant value-add features such as differential backups and compression of ESXi.

Another important feature offered by vRanger Pro 3.2.8 allows users to take advantage of remote data access that VMware has provided for a clean and simplified restore process. “Customers are looking to adopt ESXi because it is an embedded install which is far more secure and reliable for the user,” continues Akerberg. “At Vizioncore, as we rapidly respond to new developments in the virtualization market, we demonstrate, yet again, that Vizioncore leads the way when it comes to providing support for VMware’s latest technology.”

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