Check Cluster Configurations

Hugo has been pushing out some nice scripts recently and his latest is a cracker…

This Powershell script generates an overview of any items that are not available to every ESX server in a VMware cluster. These items might prevent your vm’s being vmotioned by DRS or restarted by HA. Pretty serious business, I’d say!

The items involved are:
1. datastores
2. LUNs (important when using Raw Device Mappings)
3. port groups

The output is a nicely formatted HTML page showing not only which items are misconfigured, but also where the are available and where they are absent.

Download it here and check out his site for some more amazing scripts.

3 thoughts on “Check Cluster Configurations

  1. Muthukumar M

    Hi Alen,

    Could you please share the script to CHECK CLUSTER CONFIGURATIONS .

    Appreciate your help.

    Thank you,

  2. Nawin

    Did you got solution for this ALDO? If not alan Can you provide script for the above cluster congfig


    Hi Alen,

    I need above subjected script for my test based labs.please could you provide the script ,,, appreciate your help.

    thank you,

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