vDiagram – VMGuru Style

Scott Herold (VMGuru) has done it again, he has a habit of taking my scripts and then improving them beyond reality.

I think next time I will be asking him to check it out before I release it on the public.

Firstly he has amended the VMware Twits script and created a really neat PowerGui action which you can import into the VMware PowerGui Power Pack and allows you an easy way to keep up to date with all the VMware related twitters, Check it out here


As if that wasn’t enough he has now made some AMAZING improvements to the vDiagram script showing off his new shapes and also advising of new plans for it within PowerGui, how amazing would that be to be able to right click on a cluster and say ‘vDiagram it’ or to be able to right click a PortGroup and draw all VM’s attached to it and its relations with vSwitches.

The new shapes are absolutely gorgeous, make sure you check out the VMGuru site to keep updated on some of the great things he has planned with the VI Toolkit and general VMware related updates.

Check his article out here

Thanks Scott (And no I am not French :))


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