VMTN: Ask The Experts – How did it Go ?

VMTN - Ask the Experts

I wanted to say thanks to everyone that came to see us at VMWorld Europe 2009 in Cannes, and especially the people who asked me some questions.

After a slow start to the first day it picked up and we had a fair few visits from people the second day.  I especially want to thank the German guy who came well prepared, he had a sheet of A4 paper full of questions for me. I think I managed to answer most of them.


I had some interesting questions from some other people who I have promised to write a few scripts for, I will post these on my blog, hopefully over the next couple of weeks.

Most of all I really enjoyed meeting the other experts who’s blogs I have visited over the past 5+ years, I was also very surprised how nice and down to earth they all were, no fire breathing dragons there !

The following people were there:

duncan Duncan Epping, – VMware Senior Consultant and owner of Yellow-Bricks
gabrie Gabrie van Zanten, – Owner of gabesvirtualworld
jason Jason Boche, – VMTN Moderator, Minneapolis Area VMUG president, and owner of Boche.net
alan Some guy called Alan Renouf 🙂
steve Steve Beaver, – Tripwire, VMTN Moderator, Published Author, and contributor to Virtual Black Hole
scott Scott Herold, – Quest, owner of VMGuru.com and accomplished Author
thomas Thomas Bryant, – Vizioncore and VMTN Moderator
vitoolkit Wil van Antwerpen, – owner of vi-toolkit.com
eric Eric Sloof, – VMware trainer and owner of ntpro.nl
tom Tom Howarth, – VMTN Moderator and owner of PlanetVM

MikeLaverick Mike Laverick – owner of RTFM Education


Hopefully there will be a repeat of this session at VMWorld in San Francisco and hopefully I will be invited (Sponsors apply here…. :))

I just want to say a personal thanks to the experts who’s brains I picked whilst I was in the lounge in between sessions, you guys really helped with a few missing links in my knowledge.

A few images from the lounge:



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