PowerShell V2 – Your admin life just got easier again

If you haven’t yet heard Powershell V2 has arrived for all Windows operating systems and is downloadable from here.

So should you download it ?


Why ?

Far too many reasons than I can write on this blog post, but if you think about it, how good was PowerShell v1 and its the first version of the framework, now how good do you think v2 will be !

Add to this that V1 came with 129 cmdlets (built in commands) and now V2 comes with over 230 by default that’s a great deal more we can achieve out of the box.

There are also lots of new concepts like remoting and modules and lots of speed fixes and bug fixes from the previous version.


So will it still work with PowerCLI ?  As far as i know there are no issues with it working with PowerCLI, I have upgraded my home pc and laptop and have not hit any issues as yet, its just a case of downloading V2 which installs more like a hotfix and installing on the box where you currently have v1 installed, all upgrades fine and is hunky dorey!

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