vSphere 4.0 Quick Start Guide – Available in Europe

Quick Start GuideThe vSphere Quick Start Guide is doing well, I don’t think we will quite take the Christmas Number 1 best seller slot but still, thanks to anyone who has purchased the book so far and a bigger thanks if you have left us a review or published a blog post, its always good to hear how people are finding the book.

After the release I had a few questions about when it would be released on the UK Amazon site, it seams that apart from sharing their name, these two sites do not have anything to do with each other, one would assume that once it was published on the US site it would soon make its way over to the UK site, that doesn’t seam to be the case.

Do not despair, we have now released it via LULU, a self publication site, you can now purchase the book and have it delivered very quickly from here for just…

£12.53 – no I am not missing a 0, that is correct, what a bargain price !

So, why not go their straight away and get all those stocking fillers, relative’s presents and buy yourself a copy or two while you are there.

If you haven’t yet read any of the reviews and would like a quick look for yourself then follow this link to the Amazon preview page.

Thanks Again !

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