London VMware User Group – 25th Feb

I have been asked to do a session at the London VMUG on 25th February 2010, after my previous session where I took the attendees through a beginners introduction to PowerCLI, I think I will throw them straight in this time and show them how we can configure ESXi using PowerCLI.

ESXi is obviously a hot topic at the moment and the configuration of ESXi without the service console access is proving to be difficult for many users.  This session will take you through the configuration of a host from start to end showing you how easy it is and highlighting some of the scripts and cmdlets explained in my previous post.



As a bonus I will also be giving away a set of “VMware vSphere Pro Series Training Vol. 1: View, ThinApp, Nexus 1000V, and PowerCLI” videos during my session, with thanks to the great guys at TrainSignal, be sure to bring your questions along for a chance to win this great prize !


There will obviously be all the other great sessions which normally take place and there is even a rumour that an all powerful PowerCLI expert from the states will be descending from upon high to give us the latest and greatest automation information from VMware !

I am personally looking forward to a “Real life” session which my colleagues Jonathan Medd and Vic Milne will be delivering, this will be an interesting presentation on how they moved both datacenters and storage devices with (nearly) no downtime !

Also on my agenda will be the Enterprise Cloud presentation from vStu that is sure to be full of both useful information in a friendly and native Australian dialog and humour.

As always the details for the VMUG can be found on the forum here.

If you are looking to deploy ESXi and are having trouble performing or have had trouble performing a certain task then please do let me know via the comments of this post so I can be sure to include this. – It would also give you bonus points when in the running for the TrainSignal video 🙂

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