Say goodbye to VESI

Goodbye old friendOne of the most frequent questions I get asked at user groups or by people who know I am responsible for the community PowerPack is which product should they use, normally the question is PowerGUI or VESI ?

My standard answer was to always ask them if they preferred trains or turtles but the answer is very easy now.

VESI is the product known as any of the following:

  • VESI
  • Virtualisation EcoShell
  • The Virtualisation EcoShell
  • vEcoShell
  • The Green one
  • The one with the turtle

From now this product is no more, you can still download it at the moment but no further development time will be spent by Vizioncore or Quest on this product, but wait, do not despair, there is good news.

The VMware PowerPack has now come back under the PowerGUI installation wizard and is part of PowerGUI 2.3 which can be downloaded from the PowerGUI site here.

Don’t worry – you haven’t lost anything, in fact the guys at Quest do an excellent job of updating PowerGUI and also do an excellent job of monitoring the forums for future capabilities or bugs or even help with scripting so please do not disperse just go to the PowerGUI site now and download the latest version which has several bug fixes and enhancements over the old version of VESI already !

Kirk Munro and his team have even released a new version of the VMware PowerPack which allows you to work with the latest version of PowerCLI 4.1 U1, check here for more info on this.

Lastly, the VMware Community PowerPack will also still work with PowerGUI so you can still enjoy the help and scripts created and published in this great PowerPack which can be downloaded from here.

Read more on this at Dmitry Sotnikov’s site here

P.S. Cody, we feel your pain as another turtle is slain !

6 thoughts on “Say goodbye to VESI

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  3. Dmitry Sotnikov


    You might want to update your post to make it more explicit that we are not killing the project – we are just merging VESI and PowerGUI into one.

    Some users are already misinterpreting it and reading it as if the project died and the community lost a valuable resource: – this is not at all the case.

    PowerGUI is now already a superset of what you used to get with VESI. So the virtualization management community is getting a great free tool and no longer there is a confusion on when to use what. Now the answer is always just PowerGUI.

    Also, this merger is going to help us innovate faster because we no longer have to duplicate our effort maintaining two very similar tools. 2011 is going to be very exciting in the PowerShell / Visrtualization space!


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