VMware License Advisor–Official tool

Following my recent posts where I showed how PowerCLI could be used to give you an idea of your vRAM licenses in vSphere 5.0 I wanted to let you know that an official tool has now been released from VMware.

This was first blogged by Yellow-Bricks and vSphere-Land, some of the key things to note about this tool which is different to my tool:

  • Official VMware Support
  • Support for vSphere/VI 3.5/4/5
  • Log into single or multiple vCenters
  • More vCenters can be added after the tool is opened
  • Detailed Virtual Machine inventory for each license type
  • Filter per license type

To make it easier for people, I have shot a quick video showing you how to download and use the tool

Install & How to use

Download the official tool

The official tool can be downloaded from here.

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