Using Console2 with PowerShell and PowerCLI

I may be a late comer to this app but there is a cool free app here called Console2.  I am now using it for the quick work I need to do in PowerCLI and PowerShell, the stuff I dont need to save or need an editor for.

Its great as a portable app, I have it in my DropBox folder and its syncd between my PC’s as well as being on a USB key so I can use it from anywhere.

I like the way you can resize the window and it resizes the buffer and the copy and paste is also enhanced from the normal console.

I have packaged my settings and logos up so you too can see what I see, just download the settings file from below and Console2 from here and extract them into the same folder.


Eye Candy



3 thoughts on “Using Console2 with PowerShell and PowerCLI

  1. Stephen Looney

    Seems pretty cool, but doesn’t seem to work when trying to output to the Out-GridView 🙁

  2. Josh Atwell

    Thanks Alan! I’ve installed it and liking it so far. I especially like being able to have separate sessions for Posh, PowerCLI, UCSPowerTool. yes, I added a tab for UCSPowerTool! There may be a cleaner way to do it but this worked for me. I’ll be creating a background and doing some icon referencing soon.

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