Carolina VMUG–15th May 2012


Next week I will be presenting at the Carolina VMUG, im looking forward to this one as I get the chance to view a part of America I have never visited before and also catch up with some friends and people I have never met face to face.

I will be presenting twice at the VMUG, once on PowerCLI for vCloud Director and another time presenting with Josh Atwell, Josh is a such a great and enthusiastic guy who has some fantastic ideas and the humor to make our session a fun time for all. If you have never visited Josh’s blog I suggest you head over to – Who knows where he gets some of the images for his posts ?!

I will be presenting the following sessions , if you are at the VMUG make sure you attend or at least come by and say Hi!

PowerCLI 201

Presenting with Josh Atwell we will take you through the basics of PowerCLI and then progress to some more advanced topics showing you how to use Community code and make the most of the wealth that is provided by the PowerShell and PowerCLI Community.

This session is sure to be great fun and will include some tips and tricks which any vSphere admin will not want to miss.

vCloud Director PowerCLI

This session will show you the basics and also some advanced parts of PowerCLI 5.0.1 and specifically how to use these to not only report on your cloud infrastructure but also how to create one from scratch, save time and make your life easier as a cloud admin.

This is the perfect addition to Chris Colotti’s session earlier that day (a must attend).

Event Details

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Charlotte Convention Center
501 South College Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
Click here for directions.

Make sure you register here before attending.


A copy of the full agenda and other sessions taking place can be found here:

One thought on “Carolina VMUG–15th May 2012

  1. preux

    hi i m preux pursuing my last year thesis will be on the data stored in the vmdk file ?

    firstly i will tell you how much i done …

    i will created 2 different vmdk

    1 -sparse.vmdk

    2 -flat.vmdk

    open it into a hexeditor which provide me the hexadecimal structure of the vmdk files .by using virtual disk format 5.0 which is avilable on the

    vmware site i get some knowledge of the structure of the vmdk file .

    when i read the structure of the -flat vmdk its similar to the hard disk structure i can easily seen the MBR(master boot record) ,PBR(partition boot

    record) and $MFT(master file table) in the -flat vmdk?

    but when i go for the sparse its quite different from the -flat i am using the formula provided in the virtual disk format 5.0 through this i can only

    seen the MBR and PBR but when we aplly this fomula for $MFT(master file table) i found nothing ?

    so my question is that how i can reach this master file table in -sparse.vmdk on my way (byte by byte reading)so that i can complete my thesis and

    degree also..?

    thanxs in advance


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