All versions of vCheck now on Github

Following my last post where I added vCheck for vSphere onto Github so everyone could get involved I was overwhelmed with the number of additions, fixes and edits that had been made by many members of the community, this will really make this script even better than before and a real community effort.

I have now moved all the other vChecks to Github for people to make changes in the same way, you can find these below or from the vCheck page on the menu of this site.

Currently there is a vCheck report for each of the following areas:

Download Link Example Output Page
vCheck for vSphere Click here
vCheck for Exchange 2010 Click here
vCheck for vCD Coming soon
vCheck for SCVMM Click here
vCD Audit script Click here

If you don’t want to get involved by editing the code remember you can also log issues or add feature requests on the Github site by using the Issues menu on the right hand side.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions and remember, if you have used the vCheck framework for your report of anything other than the above, please do get in contact so we can feed it back into the community.

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