VMware vSphere Mobile Watchlist

Last week VMware announced vSphere Mobile Watchlist, this is a mobile phone app for iOS and Android devices that enables you to work with virtual machines, create custom lists or watchlists to monitor and control your VMs. 


Add to this the ability to search, bookmark and send on KB articles from the mobile device and this app comes in very handy for quickly troubleshooting your virtual machines. 


vSphere Mobile Watchlist give us the following abilities from the app:


  • Easily Create VM Watchlists:  Search for and select a subset of VMs from your VMware vCenter Server inventory to monitor in one or multiple watchlists.
  • VMs at a glance: Review the status of selected Watchlist VMs from your device including VM state, configuration details, resource usage, health alerts, view of the VM console, and related objects.
  • Discover:  VM alerts are linked to pertinent diagnostic information from the VMware Knowledge Base, as well as articles from the Web. 
  • Remediate Remotely:  Remediate problems directly from the phone by powering on/off, suspending, or restarting VMs — or for situations where on-site remediation is required, attach the VM alert(s) along with recommended solutions in an email to team members back at the datacenter.  

Watch it in action

Watch me controlling my home lab with the app from my iPhone below.





2 thoughts on “VMware vSphere Mobile Watchlist

  1. Yiting Jin

    Hi Marco, I’m the product manager for vSphere Mobile Watchlist. The app isn’t intended to replace any flings or apps, although one of the developers on the fling is our iOS developer for the Watchlist app. There are differences in functionality between the fling, the vSphere iPad client, and Mobile Watchlist, but Watchlist is the app that is actively being developed.

    Please join our VMware Community forum for the Watchlist app at http://www.vmware.com/go/vspheremobile and let us know your feedback!

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