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Microsoft – Just plain nasty

OK, until now I have had respect for Microsoft, I have just read this article and a few others and I have to say, that’s completely below the belt, they are resulting to nasty underhand tactics to try and steal the virtualisation market.

Just proves that they cant do it with there software which is more comparable to VMware workstation than VI.

I cant wait for VI4 to come out and really kick some butt.

Rant over !

I would be interested in what your thoughts are on this subject.

Virtual Datacenter Operating System

VMWare has made its first anouncement of the week, expect many more with VMWorld starting today….

Virtual Datacenter Operating System

The traditional IT stack with its tight coupling of software and hardware falls short of supporting customers’ needs. The accelerating rate of business change, non-negotiable requirements for 24X7 business resiliency and inexorable pressure to reduce cost are increasing the pressure on IT. At the same time, IT has dramatic opportunity to change the status quo by leveraging the immense power and attractive economics of x86 hardware, the maturing of virtualization technologies, increasing choice in new application architectures and the availability of vast new clouds of cheap and readily accessible computing power.

Check out more information from VMware and Scott Lowe

Its coming…VI4

Looks like VI4 is on the horizon and coming soon, there is a beta out there at the moment for a select few, some new features include:

  • 64bit kernel and console operating system (COS)
  • clustered VirtualCenter Servers
  • ESX hosts profile management
  • cross-hosts virtual networking
  • 8-way virtual SMP
  • virtual machines fault tolerance across multiple hosts (the famous Continuous Availability presented last year)
  • VMs and media library
  • alarms on physical hardware faults
  • access control on storage resources
  • configuration change tracking
  • full support for SATA local storage

Read more information here

VI Toolkit Competition Winners

I might not have won but at least I get a mug and a T-shirt, check the honorable mentions!

Have to say I can see why the second place reporting script was in the winning slots but I’m not sure people really want to install that much extra to get a report, I think our reports were aiming at two different audiences.

Well done to the winners, great job.

Also I had a really nice mention on Carter Shanklin’s blog here….

If you ask me, thats better than winning (although VMworld would have been nice :))

VI Errors one-liner

A quick one-liner that would be usefull in an email to you each morning via a scheduled task….

For the whole VI….

Get-VIEvent -Type Error | Format-Table CreatedTime, FullFormattedMessage

For a specific cluster…

Get-Cluster “MYCLUSTER” | Get-VIEvent -Type Error | Format-Table CreatedTime, FullFormattedMessage

I might even do a daily health check script which gives you performance stats and errors, complete with email options and instructions on how to setup as a scheduled task, please let me know if this will be usefull.

Find this and other great one-liners here

VMware shares about to go down again ?

Apparently confirmation has been recieved from a trusted source of that VMware co-founder and Chief Scientist Mendel Rosenblum has resigned.

His wife, Diane Greene, that founded the company with him and led it as CEO since 1998 was removed by the board of directors in July for much unclear reasons. After that, the risk that his husband would follow was very high.

VMware told that Rosenblum took a month of vacation immediately after that meeting, and this delayed the decision to leave the company.

Also, maybe fearing an impact on the upcoming VMworld 2008 in Las Vegas, VMware may have requested to postpone the resign until the event registration was almost complete: this year VMworld achieved a ground-breaking record of 14,000 delegates so there’s no more need to wait.

While Diane Green was the keeper of the VMware culture and engineering tradition, Rosenblum was recognized as the company visionary, designing technologies to be implemented in the next few years.
For example, the upcoming security APIs called VMsafe, which has the potential to change the way we secure the data centers, were developed by the scientist in 2002. was told that Rosenblum will go back to the university where he and his wife started VMware: Stanford.

With him VMware has already lost three key leaders.
The third one is the Executve Vice President of R&D, Richard Sarwal, who left just last week to go back to Oracle. Now it seems clear why.

This departure comes at the worst moment: yesterday Microsoft officially presented its competing product, Hyper-V, and while the hypervisor is still years behind the VMware technology, the entire industry announced support for it.
VMware will need a solid strategy to counter that: cutting-edge technologies rarely wins against marketing war-machines and ubiquitous alliances.

VI PowerScripter

Hal just pointed me to a new VI Client Plugin that integrates powershell into the VI Console, looks neat…

Download here

comasoft® VI PowerScripter (currently beta 1) is the first and absolutely unique VMware VI Client plug-in for a tight integration of user-defined PowerShell scripts into the object repository of VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3.5.

This plug-in delivers some predefined scripts for common admin tasks and is capable of handling hundreds of custom scripts for direct usage from a dynamically generated context menu within VI Client (for connections to VirtualCenter, ESX 3.5 or ESX 3i).

Thanks to its absolute flexibility, this powerful software is a “must” for professional users looking to administrate the virtual infrastructure in compliance with business-aligned functions in a simple and yet most effective manner.


  • Load any VI PowerShell script through a dynamically created context menu (often no change needed)
  • Use of VM or Host based PowerShell scripts
  • Run Scripts against single or multiple chosen objects (also Cluster, DataCenter)
  • Switch between Debug and silent mode
  • Use local scripts or scripts from network shares
  • Enhance the VI Client or VirtualCenter functionality for your demands
  • PowerShell scripts using the correct VirtualCenter access rights
  • all script activities are logged
  • Usage of predefined scripts provided by icomasoft
  • Support for PowerGUI powerpack files