Image Builder & Auto Deploy Powerpack

Recently with vSphere 5 VMware enabled you to deploy the ESXi image via PXE boot to your hosts, to do this you need some PowerCLI knowledge.  Now just because I find PowerCLI easy to use and a great product it doesn’t mean the next person will.

Luckily PowerGUI gave us a great way to add an MMC style interface back on top of the cmdlets, this is called a Powerpack.

The Image Builder and Auto Deploy Powerpack is a PowerGUI Powerpack which enables us as VMware admins to have a graphical interface to Image Builder and Auto Deploy which are currently released as PowerShell snap-ins only.

The Powerpack contains a variety of scripts which will allow you to harness the power of custom ESXi images and stateless deployment.

What Do I need ?

In order to use this Powerpack you will need the following:

  • PowerShell V2
  • PowerCLI 5.0 or later version
  • PowerGUI
  • Download the Powerpack from below



Here is a short video which shows you the basics of how to import the Powerpack and how to use it.


Automatically update

To see how to import a Powerpack and how to make sure you always have the latest version check this post here:

How can I contribute ?

Please add comments to this post if something doesn’t work or you have any ideas on how to make it better – remember this is an initial release !



17 thoughts on “Image Builder & Auto Deploy Powerpack

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  4. ogawad

    Look excellent! However, both links seem dead. I’ve been look for this powerpack and PowerGUI. Where can we get their great tools?

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  12. Richard

    UPdate: Please disregard previous comment.
    I got smarter on my own.
    Amazing what happens when you read.

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