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Free PowerShell Editor

imageEver go to a server and need to edit a PowerShell script which you have scheduled to run on a daily basis but only have notepad installed to edit it, yes it can be done but its not nice, is it ?


Sapien have released a FREE thumb drive app which is stored as a single EXE, this editor allows you to edit your scripts in the code highlighted environment we all love, step away from notepad and into the future.

This app also has code highlighting features for the following scripting languages:

  • BScript
  • JScript
  • HTML
  • PowerShell

Download the app here and suffer no more.

VI Toolkit Presentation

imageThis week I gave a presentation to the UK PowerShell User Group at the Microsoft HQ in the UK, this was also available over live meeting and seemed to go quite well, despite the issues with the projectors, wifi, sound and rooms we were in.

For those people who couldn’t make the live meeting or the UK PowerShell User Group I have uploaded my slide deck for you to have a look through.

Download the slides here in PDF format… http://virtu-al.net/Downloads/VMwareVIToolkitPSUKUG27-03-09.pdf

My Presentation followed a nice insight into the 2008 Active Directory cmdlets that are being released by Microsoft, Jonathan Medd gave a great comparison of this and the Quest tools and also showed us a nice demo of the new Recycle bin feature in 2008 Active Directory.


These were both recorded and presented over Live Meeting, I will include a link so that you can watch them as soon as it is available.

VI Toolkit One-Liner: VM Guest Disk Sizes

A Simple One-liner today but it shows you how to add information along the pipe line to enable new properties which can be formed using other cmdlets or simple math statements on existing properties:

This one-liner will give you the VM disk or partition sizes for each of your VMs:

ForEach ($VM in Get-VM ){($VM.Extensiondata.Guest.Disk | Select @{N="Name";E={$VM.Name}},DiskPath, @{N="Capacity(MB)";E={[math]::Round($_.Capacity/ 1MB)}}, @{N="Free Space(MB)";E={[math]::Round($_.FreeSpace / 1MB)}}, @{N="Free Space %";E={[math]::Round(((100* ($_.FreeSpace))/ ($_.Capacity)),0)}})}

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