VI Toolkit Quick Reference Guide


VI Toolkit Quick Reference Guide
VI Toolkit Quick Reference Guide

I’m currently sat in Heathrow Airport Terminal 1, I have just found a nice Zurich stand where they give you place to sit, a plug for the laptop and even an Ethernet cable with free Internet access, how nice is that !

So I thought I would best use my time to upload a Quick Reference guide to the VI Toolkit, hopefully I will be handing a few of these out at VMWorld but thought I would also add it to my blog for those of you who were unable to make it.

If you are interested in getting started with the VI Toolkit then print off the attached pdf file on a duplex printer, fold it in half and you have the ultimate getting started guide.

Thanks to C.Shanklin, S.Herold, L.Dekens and C.Bunch for their help with the editing and for the one-liners.

Have Fun !

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