PowerGUI 1.9.5 Released

As the readers of this blog probably know I am a big fan of PowerGUI and the VESI, not just for the great GUI console that enables fantastic powershell goodness in the form of a nice user interface but also for the fully functional script editor.

The one thing that amazes me about these applications is that they are FREE, yes that’s right, FREE, not free for x number of days or free to use 50% of the features but 100% free.

Another thing that also amazes me is the amount of work they put into this free app, i mean most companies release the free apps and then no further work or support is added to them, have you ever had a problem with PowerGUI ? If you have then you will have no doubt raised it in the PowerGUI forum and had it answered in a day at the latest !

Add to this the fact that Quest actually listen to what the people who use this want and it amazes me constantly.

Take for example my situation, in the previous versions of PowerGUI there was no GUI support for write-progress (a nice cmdlet that gives you a progress bar style popup), sometimes I had to second guess my scripts and what they were doing unless i ran them in the main PowerShell window, and if I did that I would get the write-progress output so at the recent UK PowerShell user group I hounded both Dmitry and Darin from Quest and told them I wanted a GUI version of the write-progress output, now if they got fed up of the constant emails or if they are just nice chaps (I think the later) they added this to the latest build in both the console and the script editor, proving that they do indeed listen.

So, head over to the PowerGUI site and download version 1.9.5 and try out the latest and greatest PowerGUI with added Write-Progress.

Another great new feature in 1.9.5 is the ability to be able to check and download new powerpacks straight away as they come out, this will be great for the PowerPacks where the authors are constantly fixing bugs or adding new features, and the great bit is you can add a custom link to your own PowerPacks as you build them, enabling this to work on intranets or personal blogs too.

Other new features include:

  • Grid performance improvement
  • Customize tab settings: PowerGUI now allows you to change tab settings in the Script Editor. Select Options from the Tool menu, then click Text Editor. From here you can specify tab size or replace tabs with spaces.
  • Support the prompt function in the PowerShell Console window: this feature let you change the PowerShell console prompt in the Script Editor.
  • Collapse regions in the Admin console or the Script Editor: all regions are collapsed when reopening a file or a script in the Script Editor or the Admin console.

I have shot a quick video showing how both the PowerShell window and the PowerGUI console look, often the little things can make a big difference, especially when you have reporting scripts running for over 20 mins !

PowerGUI Write-Progress from Alan Renouf on Vimeo.

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