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The thing I love about adding my work to my site is that some people pick up what I have created and expand on it, I like to think that’s a sign of firstly my scripts being interesting enough to expand and secondly my scripts being so well written that anyone can pick them up and tailor them to their needs.

Following the initial additions that were added to v3 of vCheck, Raphael from has expanded my script somewhat further to include even more amazing functionality.

He has added the following areas of reporting:

  • Host Ballooning
  • Datastore Over Allocation
  • Snapshot Oversize
  • VCB garbage
  • VMkernel warning check for ESX/ESXi (with deduplication)
  • invalid or inaccessible VM
  • Inapshot add/remove summary
  • Time build
  • NTP (service only) check

I will certainly make sure these are included in V4 with multiple other entries but in the meantime if you would like to download his excellent version then please check out his site, the posts are in French but he is nice enough to keep the script pure English 😉


His post can be found here:

3 thoughts on “vCheck Hypervisor style

  1. DJLO

    A very nice addition to vCheck. The scripts keep getting better and better they may just automate me out of a job one day 🙂

  2. ZOMAN

    I tell you what your site has become in my daily rotation….I have learned a ton about powershell and power it possess’….Great Work once again

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