vSphere Quick Start Guide – PowerCLI and PDF

In case you haven’t bought a copy of the “vSphere Quick Start Guide” yet and were thinking of buying one, there are a couple of things I would like to point out…

I was responsible for adding all the PowerCLI throughout the book, basically if something is explained and there is an easy way to do it in PowerCLI, we have added a code reference, this enables you to see how much is covered by PowerCLI and also how easy it actually is.

In writing the PowerCLI areas I didn’t actually realise how many we had put in until the book was completed and I extracted them all into a nice zip file which can be downloaded and used from here: http://www.yellow-bricks.com/wp-content/uploads/quickstartguide.zip

All in all there are 67 scripts, now obviously if you want to know more information about these scripts and exactly where they fit in you will need to buy the book.


Which brings me on to my next topic, the book is now available from many sources, Europe, America and also now a PDF version, all at great prices, just follow the below links to pick up your copy right now !

US $15.99
Europe: £12.53
PDF: £6.26

Thanks to everyone who has reviewed the book so far, im pleased so many people are enjoying it.

16 thoughts on “vSphere Quick Start Guide – PowerCLI and PDF

  1. Greg Fox

    Thanks again for the full feeds Al!

    Much easier to stay up with everyone’s content this way.

    Good luck in the vLaunchpad poll …


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  4. xitim

    @Virtu-Al, That’s nice from you but keep in mind that there is no big deal behind all this. My only concern what to be able to quick find through the portable version what you can’t do with paper…

    @Duncan, I didn’t know about the additionnal fee. Of course this changes the whole perspective, and I get the picture. Thank you for explaining this to me.

  5. Duncan


    I understand you want the PDF for free but to be honest this is impossible. The complete book has been published/written in a DIY fashion which is the reason we could price it as low as it currently is. Even for a PDF there is a certain fee we need to pay to lulu.

    Besides that, if you buy any other vSphere book out there right now for $ 20+ do you get the PDF/Kindle version for free?

    Sorry if I’m being to straight forward, but we will not distribute the PDF for free to those who already bought the paper version.

  6. Virtu-Al

    @Greg Fox, @Xitim I will definately have a word with the other authors and see if there is anything we can do, on the feed side of things I think I may have just found a deep dark hidden tick box which said show summary, hopefully they will be full feeds from now on !

    Thanks for the comments guys,

  7. Greg Fox

    @xitim, so maybe chalk this one up as a “self publishing” experience builder for the guys, and let’s see if they provide a better option for their next reference guide.

  8. xitim

    @Greg Fox, These guys could write many other references that I’ll buy for sure as they’ve got tons of experience. Nevertheless I’m simply not ready to buy twice the same product. Got the difference ?

  9. Virtu-Al

    @Greg Fox, I would love to publish the full feed but can not find anwhere what is cutting it down, I will have another check.

  10. Greg Fox

    @Xitim At the end of the day, even if you buy both versions of the book, it’s still great value. It’s not as if these guys will be retiring on the profits – more likely updating the hardware in their home labs and bringing us more great reference info !

    Hey Al – I’m more likely to vote you higher on the vLaunchpad poll if you publish full feeds via RSS instead of just the header.

  11. Virtu-Al

    @Xitim Im sorry but I dont think so, we dont really have anything to do with the selling of the book, I guess you could ask Lulu but its doubtfull. Sorry.

  12. xitim


    Do you think it’s possible for those who bought the paper version before the PDF was available to get it for free ?

    Thank you,


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