VMWorld: PowerCLI is for administrators !

The voting is nearly over for this years VMworld Sessions but I thought I would let you know that Luc Dekens (Lucd.info) and I have a session which you can help become a reality just by spending a few moments clicking on a button, if you have ever used a script by Luc and I and wondered how you could pay us back for the time we have spent (Cheques/cash/beer tokens are very welcome) then please hit the button now and come say Hi if you are at VMworld too !

A brief summary of the session

In larger organisations administrating a vSphere environment can cause headaches.

Some of the burning questions you surely recognize

  • Who gave that VM 4 CPU’s ?
  • Who connected the NIC to the DMZ PortGroup and when ?

In this session, Luc Dekens and Alan Renouf will show you how to automate the answers to these questions with the help of PowerCLI.  The solutions presented will show you how the combined strengths of the rich PowerShell command set and the PowerCLI snapin provide you with powerful tools to make this all happen.

Alan and Luc will show you how to take PowerCLI beyond the listing and reporting stage. They will show you how to write and use scripts that will inform you when problems actually.

This session will show several aspects of working with PowerCLI. The classic PowerCLI approach but also the use of the SDK methods when execution speed is required and the use of third party products like PowerGUI, PowerWF or Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to integrate the solutions even better into the corporate environment.

Luc and Alan will show several practical demos to highlight this integration. One of the demos will show for example how easy it is to use Active Directory to find a users email address and send him a message to tell him that his guest is using too many snapshots. If the mail stays unread, the script can try to reach the user via a Tweet.

How do I vote ?

1.  Go to http://www.vmworld.com/ and login (free regestration), next click the “Vote Today” button as below:VMworld 2010 Papers

2.  Click on “Technology and Architecture” from the side menu as below:


3.  Click the Vote next to “PowerCLI is for administrators !”


4. Relax knowing the VMware world is a better place and that you helped to make it that way !

3 thoughts on “VMWorld: PowerCLI is for administrators !

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  2. Troy Clavell

    My vote has been counted. That is the least I could do. Thank you both Alan and Luc

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