PowerCLI Book Update

As we announced in our post “We’re writing a book!”, Luc and myself started writing a PowerCLI book.
At about the same time I got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join EMC as a vSpecialist, how could I turn that down !

Now you don’t become a vSpecialist for free, I have been spending a fair amount of time in training, coming up to speed with VCE (VMware/Cisco/EMC) and travelling all over the globe.  The little time I did have spare was spent at home with my family.

As a consequence, our chapter-writing schedule failed miserably, something which I am ashamed of as Luc is doing a fantastic job.

And now, for the proverbial “silver lining”, have a look who agreed to help us out:

image image
Glenn Sizemore

Winner of the Scripting Games 2010 and vExpert

Jonathan Medd

Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP)

Arnim van Lieshout


In other words, the book will be now be written by “4 vExperts and a MVP” !

Can’t wait to read it 😉

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