VMworld 2011 session

Following last years successful session which Luc Dekens and I presented 5 times at the San Francisco and Copenhagen VMworld’s we thought we would again submit another PowerCLI session this year.

But wait, we have not submitted just one for your viewing pleasure but two sessions !

Some of the feedback last year showed that there were some enhancements we could make to our session, taking this on board we have submitted two sessions which hopefully you will find interesting enough to vote for.


In Session 1882 we want to show you how you can use PowerCLI to manage your ESXi servers.

Remember that the COS will be gone in the next release. But as we will show you in this session that will not be a problem when you use PowerCLI.


Session 1883 is a PowerCLI Best Practices session. We will show you all the tips and tricks we collected over the years in the PowerCLI Community, on our blogs and while writing our PowerCLI book.

Vote Now

So if these sessions interest you and you would like to know more please head over to VMworld.com to vote for our sessions and hopefully we can make it as much of a hit as last year !

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