Recent Issues and Hacking Idiots


I don’t normally do these personally type posts but I just wanted to say sorry for the recent issues with my site.

I am still in the process of rebuilding my blog to its former scripting goodness but its taking time.

If you don’t already know my blog was hacked and used to spam and hack other sites, to the hacking idiots I would just like to remind you that my blogs purpose is to share my scripts (for free of charge) to the rest of the community, giving everyone help and knowledge which i have taken time to learn so others do not have to spend so much time finding out.

I am not a multi million dollar corporate company, yes your are hurting the general people with you stupid attacks on my site.

I have put a few things in place which will hopefully help with this in the future and am currently adding everything back into my site from a number of backups.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

3 thoughts on “Recent Issues and Hacking Idiots

  1. Ammesiah

    Inconvenient of fame …

    More seriously, I really don’t understand the purpose of theses guys !
    What’s the point of pissing active community members off ???
    Unless it was a HyperCrap-Ninja-Guys-Offensive :p

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