ESXi 5.0 Reference Poster

During VMworld most people I talked to were either moving to ESXi or excited by the new features of vSphere 5 and were investigating what they would need to do to upgrade and get the latest and greatest.

Those who attended the Hands on Lab were lucky enough to grab a poster bought to you by VMware Technical Marketing, this year VMware were giving out two posters, the first is the “VMware Management with PowerCLI 5.0” poster which can be downloaded here.

The second was a new poster which was designed to help you  move to ESXi 5.0, this is called the “VMware ESXi 5.0 Reference” poster, it includes handy quick references to advise people of common tasks like upgrading to the latest version…


Or the new ESXCLI name spaces…..


How do I get the new poster ?

The new “VMware ESXi 5.0 Reference” poster can be downloaded as a PDF from the ESXi Chronicles blog, While you are there I suggest you subscribe to the RSS feed, from here:

Or if you dont have a large enough printer and will be at VMworld Europe in Copenhagen make sure you visit the Hands on Labs for your chance to grab this great reference poster already printed and ready to hang on your office wall.

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