vCloud Director 1.0 PowerShell Advanced Functions

Its no secret that VMware are working on vCloud Director (vCD) cmdlets, they recently surveyed the PowerShell and VMware community to make sure they had all the information needed to make this as much of a success as the vSphere PowerCLI cmdlets.

But did you know you can already use PowerShell with vCD ?  It should be no surprise to anyone who uses PowerShell to know that PowerShell does a great job with XML manipulation and API calls.

As part of vCD 1.0 there was obviously an API, this was based on REST which is essentially calls to web pages and sending/receiving data, so with the knowledge that this API is available and that PowerShell is a great way to communicate with this API all that was left was for someone to tie all this together and create some advanced functions which can be used against the vCloud API…. enter Jake Robinson.


Jake has been doing some great work recently, personally I have spoken to him a couple of times and had the privilege of meeting him at VMworld 2011 Las Vegas, he is a great guy and very knowledgeable about both PowerShell and vCD so the perfect guy to create some advanced functions.

The functions can be downloaded from here:


I would also recommend checking out his great video on what he has created and some examples of how these can be used published here on his blog (add to your RSS feed) and also embedded below.

Overall I think these are a great start and something VMware should be looking very closely at when creating the cmdlets for vCD 1.5

Great job Jake !

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