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Disclaimer: This lady will not be at my session!I’m sure by now you have already seen that the VMworld Voting is open which means its time to have your say on what you want to see at VMworld, if you have not yet signed up for a VMworld account so that you can vote then please do so by following this link.

Now I could do the normal “Vote for me because because PowerCLI will solve world famine” post but I thought I would do something different to the rest, what I’m going to do is just use the coolness of PowerShell to allow you to find my sessions, once you have them on your screen have a read of them for yourself and then you can decide if you ant to vote for them or not.

You can do that by simply changing the username and password parts of the script below and allowing it to log into the VMworld site and display my sessions for you.  This will of course not click the “Vote” button as that would be cheating, it will however give you a nice list of my sessions where you can click to get further information.

If however you like what you see and want to vote then just click the thumb picture to make it green and I will thank you forever more and we will see what we can do about world famine.

Use the Script

$VMworldUser = "myvmworldusername"
$VMworldPassword = "myvmworldpassword"
# Replace the username and password above

$ie = New-Object -com InternetExplorer.Application
while($ie.ReadyState -ne 4) {start-sleep -m 100}
$ie.document.getElementById("username01").value= $VMworldUser
$ie.document.getElementById("password01").value = $VMworldPassword
while($ie.Document.url -ne "https://vmworld2012.activeevents.com/scheduler/publicVoting.do") {start-sleep -s 7}
$ie.document.getElementById("searchEl").value = "Renouf"


Here are a list of the submissions I have put forward for VMworld this year:


2 thoughts on “VMworld Session Voting

  1. Ben Liebowitz

    I had to increase the {start-sleep -s 2} timeout to15 seconds because the internet connection at my office is pretty slow at times.

    Worked like a charm though! 🙂

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