Installing PowerShell Web Access on Windows 2012 RC Core

Recently I wanted to check out the Windows 2012 RC build and more specifically some of the new PowerShell features.  I have seen the Web Access mentioned a few times now so wanted to deploy a quick box to test this out.

I decided to try windows core and see how easy it was to get started with PowerShell Web Access, after the install which was very fast I changed my Administrator password and then logged into the box, I was immediately presented with a command prompt, the following steps are what I took to add PowerShell Web Access into my test environment.

Step by Step

Step 1 was to launch PowerShell and add the windows feature for PowerShell Web Access

TinyGrab Screen Shot 05-06-2012 20.31.43

Next I setup the certificates, note that I just used the test certificates as this was a test box but if you are installing this in live you should use the help on Install-PswaWebApplication to see the further parameters needed for a proper certificate.

TinyGrab Screen Shot 05-06-2012 20.36.58

Next I added a single rule to allow the local Administrator access to this machine, again you can obviously setup the rules as needed in your environment with this cmdlet.

TinyGrab Screen Shot 05-06-2012 23.31.00

After this has been completed you should now be able to visit the https site to receive a login window, in my example the URL was https://hostname/pswa

TinyGrab Screen Shot 05-06-2012 23.05.03

Here you must enter the credentials to login to the host…

TinyGrab Screen Shot 05-06-2012 23.29.38

Once logged in you should have a familiar window, as you can see I issued a Get-Command to list all the cmdlets available to me…

TinyGrab Screen Shot 05-06-2012 23.31.50

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