Parkour at Vargas Academy

I never do these kind of personal posts telling people what I’m doing but just for this once I wanted to make a change, I promise this is not going to turn into one of those fitness blogs, actually quite the contrary.

For a few weeks now I have been doing adult Parkour classes (Check out here for more info on Parkour) at my local gym in Scotts Valley, CA.  So this week I asked the instructor to take a few videos of the cool stuff we were learning, this is just a quick taste for what we were doing.

If you live anywhere in the Scotts Valley/Santa Cruz area I  can highly suggest coming along on a Tuesday night to give it a go, its not even like you are exercising, its just so much fun ! The instructor is amazing and it doesn’t matter how fit, or in my case unfit you are, as you can see, after even a couple of weeks they have you doing some whacky stuff !

I was told, if it aint on the net it didn’t happen, so here ya go….

Parkour at Vargas Academy from Alan Renouf on Vimeo.

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