The first rule of #NotSupported is…..


This year VMworld is going to be awesome, I have seen some things which are going to blow your mind!

One thing I am really excited about is #NotSupported, this is a group of sessions which were the brain child of VMware’s Randy Keener (@VMRandy).

Historically people have done some cool things with VMware software, often things which it wasn’t designed for or is not supported by VMware.  Randy has taken these fantastic use cases and added his own group of sessions at VMworld hosted by some of the experts from VMware and other companies and full of great information you didn’t know was possible.

  • Are you interested in nested ESXi Environments ?
  • What else can you do with the SRM SRA ?
  • Do you need help setting up your nested ESXi ?

To find out the answers to these questions and more come and listen whilst people like William Lam, Duncan Epping and many more tell you the amazing things that can be done with our software that is #NotSupported.

Where can I find these awesome sessions ?

Check out the Community Lounge at VMworld, the sessions will be hosted from 1pm – 3pm each day, for a schedule of the sessions visit this link below – make sure you add them to your calendars as you wont want to miss them, believe me! – More information will be added with the run up to VMworld.

#NotSupported Session List

The Rules


3 thoughts on “The first rule of #NotSupported is…..

  1. Mordock

    Looking at the “schedule”, I can’t figure out what the sessions are about. Who is leading the session is interesting, but useless. What do you mean by “AutoLab”

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