Cloud Physics – Its Alive !

There’s a new kid on the VMware block and its Cloud Physics, they have just launched their website and also alpha system which you can sign up for.  So who are they and what have they created ?

The who’s who of Cloud Physics includes some of the smartest people I have met, some great guys with not only fantastic ideas but also a history of work with many of the VMware features you are probably using right now.

Check out their about page for a list of people and probably some names you will recognize, and with that technical advisors list how can they fail ?!

What have they produced ?

imageTheir opening beta product looks very impressive, it’s a scorecard based interface to your data providing metrics, logic and industry knowledge to the data from your own system.

Each score card shows your data and give you the information you need to do your job better, data that isn’t always easy to find in the vSphere Client can be displayed in seconds and shown in a relevant way to help system administrators concentrate on the issues or potential issues in their systems.

Try it out

As if there wasn’t enough of a reason to try their system out already, they just gave another one, and its big !

The guys at Cloud physics are also giving you a challenge, if you take part in their challenge you can win lots of shiny apple based products !

What do you have to do ?  That’s the great bit, all you have to do is register on their site and start looking around, you will instantly start gaining points.  To get more points you can suggest cards, or ways to make this more useful, some of these have already been created so take a look before adding your own.

Surely this is a win/win opportunity ?  If you suggest a good idea they may implement it and it will save you time… Win1

If you get enough points you can win a prize…. Win2

You can use their system to look at your current data and often find problems and fixes you weren’t aware were there… Win3 !

I’m checking it out and making suggestions and I have to say, I’m impressed !

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