My VMworld 2013 Sessions

image_thumb1This year there are some awesome sessions at VMworld, I think people are starting to realize the benefits of automation and how these can be achieved with VMware products.  I am looking forward to attending and hopefully presenting some great sessions at VMworld 2013.

Today is the last day of voting so if you are still looking through the session list and wondered what I had put forward this year then please find a list below, if these looks interesting to you then please feel free to vote for it here!

Thanks as always for your votes on my sessions.

4944 PowerCLI Best Practices – A Deep Dive
Luc Dekens
Alan Renouf
In previous years Alan and Luc showed you some of their best practices and how to take PowerCLI one step further.
This year they will dive deeper and show you some best practices you didn’t see coming.
– The Software Defined Datacenter
– Taking on the MOB and winning
– From vSwitch to vDS
– Pimp your performance graphs
– Common and Cool Community Questions
5479 To the Cloud, with PowerCLI!
Jake Robinson
Alan Renouf
PowerCLI has become one of the most powerful and easy to use tools in a vSphere admin’s arsenal. Since version 5.01 this also includes the ability to manage your workloads in the public cloud. This session will show you the power you have to manage workloads at any vCloud provider, see how easy it is to create, manage and report on your cloud workloads with PowerCLI
4946 Leveraging Stateless ESXi in the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)
Alan Renouf
Kyle Gleed
This session will provide architectural guidance for implementing stateless ESXi (i.e. Auto Deploy) in the SDDC. We’ll show how you can reduce both CAPEX and OPEX by adopting stateless ESXi to reduce storage costs and achieve agility and flexibility within the software-defined datacenter. This session includes guidance on how to implement a highly reliable and highly scalable auto deploy infrastructure, how to overcome common architectural limitations and how to eliminate single points of failure in order to achieve a highly resilient and elastic ESXi infrastructure within the Software Defined Data Center.
5048 Automating the Software Defined Data Center: How the #@$! Do I Get Started?
Alan Renouf
Thomas Corfmat
Datacenter automation can be a pretty intimidating task. What should I automate? What product should I use? Just within the VMware product family, there are a number of automation/orchestration/integration solutions that sound like they could do the job. But which one is the right one? This session will answer these questions by helping you understand how to approach datacenter automation based on specific criteria. It will also provide guidance on which automation product you should be using… and which ones to avoid.Finally, this session will offer you some practical tips to ensure that your automation journey is a successful one, and tell you where to find additional resources to get a deeper understanding of the described concepts.
4818 The Software Defined Datacenter Panel
Kamau Wanguhu
William Lam
Duncan Epping
Cormac Hogan
Alan Renouf – Moderator
In this panel session you will be able to ask any question related to the Software Defined Datacenter. The panel is comprised of industry recognized experts on Software Defined Networking / Storage / Compute and of course Orchestration and Automation. With 3 of the top 10 bloggers as voted by the VMware community, and two VCDXs, this session is a must-attend! Do not miss out.

3 thoughts on “My VMworld 2013 Sessions

  1. Alberto

    Hello Alan,
    I attended the PowerCLI Best Practices – A Deep Dive session you and Luc gave. It was really good. I was trying to find more information about the web commander tool you guys talked about. For some reason the pdf that was uploaded in the vmworld site is not the one from your session.


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