PowerShell Summit–My recorded sessions

imageRecently I was lucky enough to attend the PowerShell Summit at Microsoft HQ in Redmond, this was an awesome event which was focused on PowerShell, it included not only people who are using PowerShell but also some of the people who wrote and designed it.

There were a bunch of great sessions, all of which can be reviewed and slides downloaded here.  I was also asked to present two sessions.  I have included the recordings for these sessions below.  Thanks to Aaron Hoover for recording these.

A couple of comments which I took away from the PowerShell Summit which really surprised me where:

  • A number of people told me they had started out with PowerCLI and then worked back into PowerShell (much like myself).
  • I was surprised that 2/3 of the room when I presented were using VMware, after all this was a Microsoft Conference!

Overall, this was more of an informal conference which gave it a great feel and encouraged feedback and participation.  The format worked great and I suggest you book for next year as soon as the details are available on PowerShell.org to get your place early.

Session 1

Practical PowerShell – Integration from bare metal to the cloud

Joined by Eric Williams from Cisco I showed how PowerCLI and PowerTool can be used together to create some awesome scripts that take your infrastructure from bare metal to the cloud at the push of a button. As a side note, I may have overrun somewhat on this session so sorry for it being a little fast!

Session 2

Creating a complex and reusable HTML reporting structure

This session shows how vCheck came to be, it also shows how to create your own version of vCheck in about 3 minutes to monitor anything with a PowerShell interface or PowerShell accessible API.

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