Free day of PowerShell training

DetailsI am often asked how people can get started with PowerCLI, one of the main places to start is obviously with the underlying PowerShell and how better to learn than from the man who invented it!

Jeffrey Snover and Jason Helmick will be offering a free full day of training which you can attend virtually online, take advantage of this event to learn PowerShell v3 from two awesome guys.

Remember, PowerCLI is a snapin to PowerShell so learning the fundamentals of the language will help you in every aspect of PowerCLI.

Course Outline

  • Getting Started with PowerShell
  • Don’t Fear the Shell
  • The Help System & Getting Connected
  • Extending the Shell
  • Objects for the Admin
  • The Pipeline: Deeper
  • The Power in the Shell – Automation, Remoting, Scripting & Toolmaking

Register today

Head over to the event page and register today, don’t forget, everything you learn can help with learning PowerCLI and managing your VMware environment with PowerShell.

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