Goodbye to VMware Technical Marketing

Its time for a new challenge! From today I will be leaving Technical Marketing (TM) in VMware and moving into a new role, during my time in TM I have been lucky enough to work with some of the best people in the industry, some which have now moved on from TM and others who still remain.

I have worked on some great projects and presented at numerous VMworlds and VMUGs, it has been great fun and I have really enjoyed my time in TM, but all good things come to an end and its time for me to challenge myself in a new role.Β  So where am I going?

I will be moving into the Product Management area of VMware and working as The Automation Frameworks Product Manager.

In this role I will be responsible for providing the architects and operators of the cloud infrastructure with the toolkits/frameworks and command-line interfaces they require to build a fully automated software-defined datacenter.

I will be focused on the needs of cloud architects, system administrators, cloud operations with respect to automating day-to-day production and consumption of datacenter infrastructure. This includes defining requirements, strategy, and toolkits for command line interfaces, automation frameworks, and event-driven workflows.

I will be helping to define how VMware infrastructure can be optimized and managed using expected-state configuration management frameworks and will be deeply involved in the entire lifecycle of product development for VMware command line interfaces, work with engineering teams on governance of these interfaces, and work with customers on requirements and development of new offerings around operations automation.

An awesome role as I’m sure you will agree, I’m looking forward to starting and talking to more of the VMware customers about their automation needs from the infrastructure.Β  I will of course be keeping this blog going and will keep using and working with PowerCLI as part of this role so don’t worry about my PowerCLI content disappearing.

I want to thank you all for following my blog thus far and promise you that you will start to see even more content here as I progress in my career.

17 thoughts on “Goodbye to VMware Technical Marketing

  1. Steve Sieczko

    Sounds like a perfect match – congrats on a well deserved opportunity to contribute on an even larger stage!

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