Immersive Education in Virtual Reality – Your chance to join in

Education, its one of those subjects that’s front of mind for me at the moment, anyone who has children will know that recently and under current circumstances with the pandemic, the kids and teachers are finding it hard to provide an alternative learning experience, one that allows the teacher to give great content and engage the children, but at the same time give the children the interaction and social aspects they need for a good learning experience.

For a long time now it bugs me that the way we teach has not been modernized for decades, the classrooms and content may have changed but the way we teach is still fundamentally the same.

The team I work on did some early prototyping on some of the key use case subjects we saw in XR and one of these was education, since then I have been sold that this medium allows for a much more enriched learning experience and with COVID-19 more recently it has only reinforced my thoughts on this subject.

I have seen lots of great articles on VR in Education (one of my favorites here) and they are normally aimed at college students.  Having a child myself who is just about to enter high school I felt like she should also be able to take advantage of this medium and new way of learning, then when browsing LinkedIn recently I found a great offer which I wanted to share so that others could take advantage of it.

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Wendy Martin, who was a national finalist for teacher of the year is teaching a four week class about Biological Form and Function in Virtual Reality using  VictoryXR and it is aimed at high school or smart middle school students as is a group collaborative experience.

This also hits on another great reason to use VR, no frogs will be harmed during this lesson! (only virtual frogs).

VictoryXR is a VR Educational Platform and is being used to provide this learning experience, it is available for $165 per year for the Academy or VicrotyXR.Direct is $10 per month per headset.

The additional cost of this training from Wendy is $40, but they are providing a coupon code for 50% off: VXRWM50

The course will be four sessions, with independent activities during the week and the following dates/times are available:

Tue, July 14th @ 11:00 Anatomical Form & Function
Tue, July 21st @ 11:00 Evolutionary Form & Function
Tue, July 28th @ 11:00 Genetic Form & Function
Tue, Aug 4th @ 11:00 Viral Form & Function

Can’t make it? No problem, they will be recorded and you will have  access to the classes after the event.

What you need:

  • A VR headset
  • A license from VictoryXR.


This sounds like a great way to bring the best education to you wherever you live and set your child up with an immersive experience with a nationally recognized teacher.

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  1. Todd

    This is such a great idea! Thank you for putting this all together for us. I’ll talk to my daughter tonight.

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