Talking Virtual Reality with today’s teens

Recently I was honored to be asked to talk about Virtual Reality with a good friend of mine, Andrew Boose. He has been a keen follower of VR and whenever we met he would always have a keen interest in what was going on in the VR space and what was coming next.

His awesome parents of course encouraged this hobby and purchased him his first VR headset, the Quest 2… A great choice if you ask me.

Unlike most kids his age Andrew understands that these devices are more valuable than just playing games and recently asked me to jump on a podcast with him to record some of our thoughts on how these devices are being used outside of the gaming circles,

In this 20 minute podcast we discuss a variety of topics like:

  • How I use VR in my job
  • How I see VR being used in enterprise companies
  • Some of the ways we are using VR at VMware
  • What we think the future holds for VMware

TalkingVirtual Podcast – Andrew Boose (age 16) – 20 minutes 09 seconds

I want to thank Andrew for the interesting discussion and for being interested in such an awesome technology at such a young age. Andrew has a bright future ahead of him!