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Space Adventure by Olivia Renouf (Aged 6)

imageA little off topic for my blog but hey…. its my blog Smile

The other day my 6 year old daughter was at home with her Grandma and started writing some words onto a piece of paper, Grandma asked her if she was writing a book ?  From then on she was.

Once she had finished she drew some pictures and showed us all, she did a fantastic job.

Being the proud father that I am, I decided to make my daughter an author and used “iBook Author” to re-create her story, scanning in and using her original pictures.

So if you have children and an iPad make sure you go download my daughters book and let us know what you think.

Personally her mother and I think its amazing and my daughter is proud to be an author at the age of 6.

I wonder what the youngest ever author’s age is ?


Download it for free here:: Make sure you hold it sideways to see it all –

Example page



HA and DRS Audit

Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman are two of the biggest rockstars in the VMware Community, recently they wrote a fantastic book on HA and DRS, this can be downloaded for a fantastic price from here, if you dont have it then you are not a VMware admin !

But wouldn’t it be great if we could have our own little Duncan or Frank to carry around in our pocket and check our clusters out for HA and DRS issues and best practices – Well now you can – no I haven’t created bobble headed characters, instead I have created…..

The HA and DRS Audit Script

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PowerCLI Book Update

As we announced in our post “We’re writing a book!”, Luc and myself started writing a PowerCLI book.
At about the same time I got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join EMC as a vSpecialist, how could I turn that down !

Now you don’t become a vSpecialist for free, I have been spending a fair amount of time in training, coming up to speed with VCE (VMware/Cisco/EMC) and travelling all over the globe.  The little time I did have spare was spent at home with my family.

As a consequence, our chapter-writing schedule failed miserably, something which I am ashamed of as Luc is doing a fantastic job.

And now, for the proverbial “silver lining”, have a look who agreed to help us out:

image image
Glenn Sizemore

Winner of the Scripting Games 2010 and vExpert

Jonathan Medd

Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP)

Arnim van Lieshout


In other words, the book will be now be written by “4 vExperts and a MVP” !

Can’t wait to read it 😉

We’re writing a book

PowerCLI Some of you might be interested to know, Alan and Luc are writing a PowerCLI book.

We don’t have many more details at the moment but wanted to let you know, as we are both very excited (and nervous by the amount of work) about this project.

As you know we both live and breathe PowerCLI. And we want to share our knowledge to help others achieve the level of PowerCLI automation we both know is possible.

One thing you can expect from this book is a practical approach with examples galore, we aim to cover most of the common configuration/troubleshooting and reporting areas with easy to understand examples and explanations.

To answer some of your questions:

Q: What’s the title ?
A: Well, in the end we went for “VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference: Automating vSphere Administration

Q: Why ?
A: We’re both crazy enough to think we can do this.

Q: When ?
A: Our publisher, Sybex, targets 2011 Q1

Q: What ?
A: Expect a practical, down-to-earth approach. We’re going to show you how you can manage all aspects of your vSphere environment with PowerCLI.

Q: Who are these guys ?
A: Alan, who recently joined EMC’s vSpecialist army, is well-known from his Virtu-Al blog, his UK VMUG appearances, as a co-host of the Get-Scripting podcasts and as the winner of the recent Script-O-Mania contest.
Luc, aka LucD, is known from the PowerCLI Community, his LucD notes blog, his Dutch VMUG and VMworld appearances and as the winner of the first PowerCLI Scripting contest.

Q: Where do these guys live ?
A: Alan, contrary to some rumours, is an English guy and lives in Wiltshire, UK.
Luc lives in Belgium and works in the Netherlands. The best of both worlds 😉

Learn PowerCLI by video

So you want to learn PowerCLI, if your not a book kinda person and haven’t purchased Hal Rottenberg’s great book, Managing VMware Infrastructure with Windows PowerShell then there is great news for you.

Trainsignal have let it slip that coming soon to a website near you will be….

Managing VMware vSphere with PowerCLI – Hal Rottenberg

  • Video 1 Introduction to Power CLI
  • Video 2 PowerShell Basics
  • Video 3-1 PowerCLI Concepts – Part 1
  • Video 3-2 PowerCLI Concepts – Part 2
  • Video 4 Power CLI in the Real World
  • Video 5 PowerCLI Cmdlet Deep Dives

So you not only get to learn PowerCLI but you also get to see the man behind the book, the man behind the podcast and the man behind the MVP – Hal himself.

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vSphere Quick Start Guide – PowerCLI and PDF

In case you haven’t bought a copy of the “vSphere Quick Start Guide” yet and were thinking of buying one, there are a couple of things I would like to point out…

I was responsible for adding all the PowerCLI throughout the book, basically if something is explained and there is an easy way to do it in PowerCLI, we have added a code reference, this enables you to see how much is covered by PowerCLI and also how easy it actually is.

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