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VMworld 2014 Orchestration, Automation & Optimization Panel

One of the highlights for VMworld 2014 in San Francisco this year for me was on the first day, I was asked by the vBrownbag team to sit on the “Opening Acts 2014 Orchestration, Automation, & Optimization Panel”, we had some great conversations and a few laughs along the way as well.  I have posted the video here for you to watch, also make sure you check out the complete list of Opening Act Panels from the vBrownbag Opening Acts feed here.


Number 1 Scripting blog & Number 7 Virtualization Blog

imageEvery year Eric Siebert from holds a public vote to find the best VMware/Virtualization blog. In previous years I have been creeping up the table last year making it into the top 10 and reaching number 9.

This year I took a leap and hit number 7 !

As well as this fantastic news, Eric also started some sub categories this year and I could not believe it when I saw that I was #1 in the scripting blog list.  Personally I think superstars Luc Dekens or William Lam should have been number 1 but hey, I guess that was just my vote !


I just wanted to thank everyone who voted for me, this kind of appreciation really shows that firstly, I am not the only person who reads my blog and secondly that my scripts make a difference.

I would also like to pass on my Congratulations to firstly my fellow team mates in VMware Technical Marketing:

  • Duncan Epping – Number 1
  • Frank Denneman – Number 5
  • William Lam – Number 8

My fellow scripting buddies:

  • Luc Dekens – Number 14
  • Arnim van Lieshout – 61
  • Raphael Schitz – Number 63
  • Josh Atwell – Number 73
  • Arne Fokkema – Number 76
  • Jonathan Medd – Number 91
  • Kirk Munro – Number 116
  • Hal Rottenberg – Number 127
  • Clint Kitson – Number 130

And anyone else who made it on the list, if your on the list then you are part of this wonderful community and you help make everyone’s life that little bit easier.

Goodbye Virtu-Al – Hello Community

This may not be news to some of you as I have mentioned it at both the Dutch VMUG and the London VMUG but anyway, if you were not lucky enough to make it to these because you live in a far away place then please read on…

The Virtu-Al PowerPack is no more – gone, dead and buried – RIP

However, the “VMware Community PowerPack” has arrived ! Yes it is a rename but also there is new content and a whole lot more to come, to give this the justice it needs I have created a landing page for the PowerPack at the top of my site under featured scripts or click here.

On the landing page you can see how to download it, a video showing how to install it and also how you can get involved in making it even more useful – Come on people we are all managing the same VMware software here !

Don’t worry if you don’t have scripting skills, you can still get involved !

And with great people like the below already adding content it is destine for great things !


Head over to the landing page and check out the “VMware Community PowerPack” now !

Provison ESX Hosts through Powershell

The VI Toolkit community has been getting busier and busier of late, I think even LucD is taking 5 minutes to respond rather than his normal 2 minute answers!

There is one area of the VI Toolkit communities that I feel does not get enough publicity, there have been many scripts written by the community and members of VMware that are stored in the documents area of the community.

I will make it my aim to try and bring some of these fantastic scripts out into the open as the scripts and the people who wrote these scripts have done some amazing coding to help everyone else.

For example: NAEPS (Not Another ESX Provisioning Script) by SCampbell
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