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Installing the vCloud Hybrid Service Web Client Plugin

Recently Duncan Epping over at Yellow-Bricks wrote a great article showing how to get started with the vCHS Web Interface, building on top of his post, one of the things I like about the vCHS setup is the fact that you can view and manage your VMs in the same way you would manage your existing environment – through the web interface.  This post takes you through the install of the web interface and some initial looks at the web client once installed.

After initial install of your vSphere 5.5 environment and configuration of the vSphere Web Client you will find a plugin is available which will allow access to vCHS VMs from the Web Client, this is available for installation from the Web Client Home Page.


To install the vCHS plugin you will need to access the vSphere Web-Client with a supported web browser, the latest version of Firefox or Chrome should work, at the time of writing this blog post the following versions were confirmed as working:

  • Chrome 35.0.1916.153 m
  • Firefox 30.0

Install Process

1. Log into the vSphere Web Client and click the Home button to arrive on the home page


2. Click the vCloud Hybrid Service Installer icon.


3. You will now arrive on the vCHS client plugin page.


4. Under the Basic Tasks section click Install the vCloud Hybrid Service plug-in


5. A dialog box will appear asking for your credentials to

Warning: You will need to ensure your MyVMware profile is complete by logging into the site and trying to download the plugin manually first, missing information in your profile can cause an issue with the download failing.


6. Once completed and installed you will be asked to logout and log back in for the plugin to be initialized.


7. Once you have logged out and back in you will now have access to the vCloud Hybrid Service plugin by clicking the below icon from the home page


vCHS Web Client plugin configuration

Once installed the following steps should be followed to configure the vCloud Hybrid Service plugin

1. Launch the vCloud Hybrid Service plugin from the home page in the vSphere web client


2. Select the Summary tab and then click Register vCloud Hybrid Service Account


3. Provide the URL for the vCHS Service and your credentials used to access your account and click the OK button


4. Once completed all registered vCloud Hybrid services will be displayed


5. You can now double click on a cloud instance to view the available resources


6. To manage Virtual machines select the Related Objects tab