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VI Toolkit Quick Reference Guide


VI Toolkit Quick Reference Guide
VI Toolkit Quick Reference Guide

I’m currently sat in Heathrow Airport Terminal 1, I have just found a nice Zurich stand where they give you place to sit, a plug for the laptop and even an Ethernet cable with free Internet access, how nice is that !

So I thought I would best use my time to upload a Quick Reference guide to the VI Toolkit, hopefully I will be handing a few of these out at VMWorld but thought I would also add it to my blog for those of you who were unable to make it.

If you are interested in getting started with the VI Toolkit then print off the attached pdf file on a duplex printer, fold it in half and you have the ultimate getting started guide.

Thanks to C.Shanklin, S.Herold, L.Dekens and C.Bunch for their help with the editing and for the one-liners.

Have Fun !

PowerGUI – Get started the easy way

Are you using PowerGUI and the VMware Powerpack yet, if the answer is no then why not ?
If you think its something that you will have to learn and you just dont have the time then please stop making excuses right now because VMGuru has just released some great new videos that not only show you how to get started but will also convert you into a guru.
The following videos are available from VMGuru’s site here

1. Establishing Connections to your VMware Infrastructure using the PowerGUI Console
2. Navigate your VMware Infrastructure using the PowerGUI Console
3. Execute Links and Actions in the PowerGUI Console
4. Create and Save Filters using the PowerGUI Console
5. Using the PowerGUI Script Editor

Reservations / Limits and Shares

Apparently when performing a Virtual Center upgrade from ‘2.5 Update 1’ to ‘Update 2’ caused some issues when someone on twitter upgraded, It gave some of the attached Virtual machines reservations and limits that did not exist before, this obviously caused a few problems, especially to the machines that had more memory allocated than was limited.
I was asked if there was a way to extract all the Limit/Reservation information from Virtual Center, the following script does just that, into a nice csv file which can be loaded into excel and sorted as needed…..
$Filename = "C:\MyInformation.csv"
Connect-VIServer MYSERVER
$myCol = @()
Foreach ($VM in (Get-View -ViewType VirtualMachine |Sort Name)){
	$MYInfo = "" |select-Object VMName,CPUReservation,CPULimit,CPUShares,MEMSize,MEMReservation,MEMLimit,MEMShares
	$MYInfo.VMName = $VM.Name
	$MYInfo.CPUReservation = $VM.Config.CpuAllocation.Reservation
	If ($VM.Config.CpuAllocation.Limit-eq "-1"){
		$MYInfo.CPULimit = "Unlimited"}
		$MYInfo.CPULimit = $VM.Config.CpuAllocation.Limit
	$MYInfo.CPUShares = $VM.Config.CpuAllocation.Shares.Shares
	$MYInfo.MEMSize = $VM.Config.Hardware.MemoryMB
	$MYInfo.MEMReservation = $VM.Config.MemoryAllocation.Reservation
	If ($VM.Config.MemoryAllocation.Limit-eq "-1"){
		$MYInfo.MEMLimit = "Unlimited"}
		$MYInfo.MEMLimit = $VM.Config.MemoryAllocation.Limit
	$MYInfo.MEMShares = $VM.Config.MemoryAllocation.Shares.Shares
	$myCol += $MYInfo
$myCol |Export-csv -NoTypeInformation $Filename

Virtual Twits

Following the list of Powershell users collated by @StevenMurawski over at Mind of Root I thought I would follow suite and try and maintain a list of the VMware related twitters who I have found very informative and useful over the last couple of months of using twitter.

If I have missed you or you would prefer not to be on this list please let me know via the comments or contacting me on twitter @alanrenouf

You can also download the below powershell script that will run through this list and automatically follow them for you.

Download the PowerShell Script HERE

List last updated 14 August 09

Also as mentioned by Andrew Storrs there is a Virtualization Twitter Group here