Quick Stats from VMware for reports

I wrote another quick script today as my powershell skills grow!

The following script can be used to give you a JPG outputted graph of some stats that you can choose, handy for reports.

It can easily be adjusted to perform stats on the ESX servers (vmhost) as well.

Example output (My Test server names have been blurred):


connect-VIServer yourserver

# Set the following 3 variables for your needs
# Example stats are:
# % CPU Usage – cpu.usage.average
# Mhz CPU Usage – cpu.usageMHZ.average
# % Memory Usage – mem.usage.average
# Kbps Network Usage – net.usage.average
# Kbps Disk Usage – disk.usage.average

$Caption = "CPU Usage"
$Stat = "cpu.usage.average"
$NumToReturn = 20

$categories = @()
$values = @()
$chart = new-object -com OWC11.ChartSpace.11
$c = $chart.charts.Add(0)
$c.Type = 4
$c.HasTitle = "True"
$series = ([array] $chart.charts)[0].SeriesCollection.Add(0)

Get-Stat -Entity (Get-vm) -Stat $stat -MaxSamples 1 -Realtime |Sort-Object Value -Descending | Select-Object Entity, Value -First $NumToReturn | foreach-object {

$categories += $_.Entity.Name
$values += $_.Value * 1
$series.Caption = $Caption
$series.SetData(1, -1, $categories)
$series.SetData(2, -1, $values)
$filename = (resolve-path .).Path + "\Chart.jpg"
$chart.ExportPicture($filename, "jpg", 800, 500)
invoke-item $filename

4 thoughts on “Quick Stats from VMware for reports

  1. Brett


    You created a very nice script for Datastore capacity graph.
    Do you have an updated version that will run on a Windows 2008 server ?

    The script works on a 2003 server fine but not on 2008.

    fails at the “$series = ([array] $chart.charts)[0].SeriesCollection.Add(0)”



  2. cshanklin

    Nice. What’s a good resource to learn more about Office Web Charts? Neither my web searches or actually installing OWC seemed to lead to any obvious documentation.

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