ESXi Single Server Environment training just £27.50

Gain the knowledge and skills to operate VMware ESXi in a single-server environment.

This self-paced course contains brief concept modules, guided demos, and interactive simulations. Topics covered include: Virtualization Concepts, Server Configuration, Virtual Machine Management, Networking, Performance Monitoring, and more.

This online course includes approximately 120 minutes of content with unlimited access by the subscribing individual for 90 days:

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Configure ESXi
  • Install the Virtual Infrastructure client
  • Understand and configure ESXi networking
  • Understand and configure ESXi storage
  • Monitor and configure resource use
  • Build and configure virtual machines and install guest operating systems
  • Clone virtual machines
  • Monitor and manage virtual machine performance

Click here to visit the VMware training site

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