Bigup Myself !

Im starting to get famous, very slowly my plan to virtualise the world is coming together (as I once said.. Virtualise the world, Virtualise the cheerleader)

My script which exports configuration information from Virtual Center straight into MS Word has now been used by a fair few poeple and it seems to be working, which is good as I couldnt give it the testing I would have liked to.

1. A few people in the forum have been using it and comments are good … here

2. I had an email from someone who used it against there system running it over a VPN connection to the VI Server with over 20 ESX servers and over 250 VM’s, the script produced a 1.56 MB which has 50 pages. large scale testing !!!

3. I had a mention in the get-scripting podcast (I havnt sync’d my zune yet but will listen when I get home today), thanks Jonathan.

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