How to enable SSH on ESX 3i

This one has been around for a while but I thought I would document it on my blog as I just used it and there is a growing demand for 3i help due to it now being free !

How to enable SSH on VMware ESX 3i.

After reading the VMTN forum use the following steps to enable SSH

  • From the console press ALT-F1
  • Type unsupported and press ENTER
  • Enter the root password
  • Enter the following command vi /etc/inetd.conf
  • Search for the #SSH settings
  • Remove the # from the SSH row
  • Save the config by using :wq!
  • Type ps | grep inetd on the console
  • Send a hangup signal by using the following command kill -s HUP

You can now use Putty to SSH to your 3i server.

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