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Ok, I have blogged about this before but am going to again, one of the most valuable resources I have found for learning powershell is podcasts, there are two PowerShell podcasts out there at the moment that I listen to, Get-Scripting by Jonathan Medd and The PowerScripting podcast by Jonathan Walz & Hal Rottenberg.

I started off listening to the latest episodes when I began with Powershell and then it was mentioned to me that the earlier episodes were great for newbies.

I have now been listening to the back catalogue of episodes (Currently they are up to number 42) and have found them a great resource for both learning PowerShell and keeping up to date with all the third party products, news and tips.

Recently they have also started recording the show whilst using ustream which makes the whole experience far more interactive for us the users of powershell.

With recent guests such as ‘The Iron man’ aka Jeff Hicks and ‘Green Arrow’ aka Greg Shields I was left wondering who the presenters could be in there nightly fighting of crime ?!?

The only possible answer I could come up with was Batman and Robin, and I’m sorry Hal you have to be Robin as anyone who has listened to the earlier shows knows that Jonathan started fighting crime far earlier than you !

For anyone who has not yet listened to the shows, please go ahead and download them at the PowerScripting site and learn from the Powershell Guru’s today.

Get-Busy Scripting !

Update: Hal has now become a MVP for his work in Powershell, Nice one Hal ! Also in the recent podcast they confirmed that if they were to be super heroes it would be someone from Heroes, personally I think they better suite Batman and Robin fighting the evil Javascript and Perl bad guys 🙂

(P.S. Any thought’s on both Javascript and Perl are that of my own and not any reference to anything from the podcast)

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