Veeam Reporter Enterprise 3.0

Veeam have just released a new version of there popular reporting application, I’m working on a powershell script that will produce similar functionality to the Visio diagram and mostly everything else can also be done in powershell but still, its nice to have it all in one app…..

Veeam Reporter Enterprise is the first reporting solution specifically designed for large VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3) virtual environments. Veeam Reporter Enterprise provides unattended data collection and scheduled or ad hoc reporting, as well as centralized data storage to help you discover, document and report on all the objects within your VMware virtual infrastructure right now, and at any point in the past.

Reporter Enterprise collects information about your VI3 environment, its components and configuration settings, on an ongoing basis. Using this data, it provides comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports for analysis, documentation and change control.

Designed for use by VI3 administrators, system integrators and datacenter managers, it is fully integrated with VMware VirtualCenter and supports change control for both ESX and ESXi servers.

Download a trial here

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