Veeam Configurator Beta

Now this looks useful, Im forever seeing slight misconfiguration on many of the contracts I work on and as we know this can cause upset for things like HA, DRS and VMotion. Veeam Configurator should eliminate these issues applying a standard set of configuration to the servers and reducing the potential for misconfiguration issues.

Plus it saves you time configuring the hosts, which I’m all for !

Discover, manage and enforce your ESX servers’ configuration from a single interface

Setting up and properly configuring your ESX servers isn’t difficult. But over time, things can change. How do you know which ESX servers are still configured as intended, and which have “drifted”? Veeam Configurator helps to ensure that your ESX server configuration complies with corporate policies and standards across your entire VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 (VI3).

With Veeam Configurator, you can quickly and easily discover the current settings for all your ESX hosts, review and adjust the captured configuration sets as needed, and use that information to define your baseline configuration templates. These templates can then be applied to groups of ESX servers simultaneously, allowing you to centrally manage the configuration of all the ESX servers in your environment.

You can think of Veeam Configurator as essentially a “group policy” for your ESX servers. Similarly to Windows Group Policy, Veeam configuration templates allow you to take complete control of your ESX servers, making sure that existing servers are fully compliant with your corporate standards, and simplifying the provisioning of new ESX servers.

Find more information and download a trial here

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