Two great VI Plugins available

Icomasoft have released two great plugins, well worth a download….

Rescan Plugin

icomasoft® provides you a simple VMware VI Client plugin (VirtualCenter and ESX Host support) for automating the Rescan/Refresh SAN Task of VMware ESX Hosts.

Just right-click on a Host or Group object (Cluster, DataCenter) and choose rescan – done.

Don´t need to script a rescan process or even manually rescan all your hosts. That´s the best way for not getting into trouble with missing Datastore mappings because of a forgotten Rescan – and losing virtual machines because of a host downtime within a HA Cluster.

Check here for more info

Powershell Plugin

icomasoft® VI PowerScripter is the first and absolutely unique VMware VI Client plug-in for a tight integration of user-defined PowerShell scripts into the object repository of VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3.5.

This software delivers predefined functions for common admin tasks and is capable of handling hundreds of custom scripts for direct usage from a dynamically generated context menu within VI Client (for connections to VirtualCenter, ESX 3.5 or ESX 3i).

Thanks to its absolute flexibility, this powerful software is a “must” for professional users looking to administrate the virtual infrastructure in compliance with business-aligned functions in a simple and yet most effective manner.

Check here for more info

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