Getting VMware Host Physical Nic Speeds

I had an issue with one of my hosts this week who’s nic had auto-negotiated to the wrong speed, following this I wrote a quick script to check the rest of my hosts.

Good job as there were a fair few nics running at 100MB rather than 1GB causing a few issues.

The following script will list each host and there nics and speeds….


$VMhosts = Get-VMHost | Get-View
Foreach ($vmhost in $vmhosts){
	Write-Output $vmhost.Name
	$pnic = 0
	Do {    
		$Speed = $VMhost.Config.Network.Pnic[$pnic].LinkSpeed.SpeedMb    
		Write "Pnic$pnic $Speed"    
		$pnic ++
	} Until ($pnic -eq ($VMhost.Config.Network.Pnic.Length))}

6 thoughts on “Getting VMware Host Physical Nic Speeds

  1. Divyesh

    I want to retrieve crc errors count each nic per host in cluster.donu have any scripts for that

  2. Virtu-Al

    Sorry had an issue with the code when it was pasted to the blog, try it again now.

  3. Eugene

    I’m kind of new to the powershell scripts so maybe I’m missing something simple. To run this would I just paste it into a notepad and save with a .ps1 extension then run it? If so I’m getting an error that says:

    [vSphere PowerCLI] C:\Powershell_Scripts> .\GetHostPhysicalNicSpeed.ps1
    Unexpected token ‘in’ in expression or statement.
    At C:\Powershell_Scripts\GetHostPhysicalNicSpeed.ps1:3 char:52
    + $VMhosts = Get-VMHost | Get-ViewForeach ($vmhost in <<<< $vmhosts){Write-Out
    + CategoryInfo : ParserError: (in:String) [], ParseException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : UnexpectedToken

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